Embrace the Tradition

Licoreras are handmade ceramic decanters that are a Mexican tradition dating back centuries. Each decanter is finely crafted by hand, a definitively unique art form that evokes the region’s history, as well as the colors and patterns of Central Mexican culture. 

The licoreras come from a rich artistic heritage. The traditional patterns evolved from the Aztecs, and the ceramic process was influenced by European art traditions after the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 1500s. The art pre-colonization was already diverse and extraordinary, but the Spanish brought new techniques and textiles, including the glazing and majolica ware, which is similar to the technique of making licoreras. Over the centuries, these traditional patterns and methods evolved into the process still used today to create the intricately patterned decanters, evoking years of history and the essence of a region.

These fine decanters, or licoreras, are traditionally used to house mezcal or tequila, but can be used for any liquid. They are glazed on the outside to preserve the artwork, and on the inside to prevent-leaks; they are also lead-free. Licoreras are perfect to add a flavor of artisanal Mexican tradition to any collection.

Supporting Fair Trade

At Mexchico, we believe in supporting local artists and giving honor to our Mexican heritage. We make sure that artisans are paid fairly for their work, helping four rural communities throughout Central Mexico.

These fine licoreras are made by artisans in the central region of Mexico, each with its own design, lovingly crafted by hand with techniques that have been passed on from generations. Buying their crafts helps support rural communities, who get the joy of sharing their art with the world.

Own a piece of Mexican heritage while knowing that you are giving back to their community. These licoreras are conversation pieces that bring the vibrancy of Mexican culture to your home. Celebrate this special artform with this joyful piece of artisanal history. ¡Salud!