Growing up in Mexico, one of my favorite things to do was go to the local artisan markets. Their booths were full of colors and textures that I took with me as a reminder of home when I moved to The United States.

After having children, I realized I wanted to share more of my culture with them. On family trips to Mexico, we fell in love with several artisans from small towns that were creating beautiful pieces that reminded me of my childhood. We brought many items back with us for the kids to keep as reminders of their time in Mexico. The more we brought back with us, the more compliments we received, and the more I wanted to share my culture with everyone. I was overwhelmed by the idea of supporting the local artisans while creating a brand that could help spread the Art of Mexico in the United States.

Mexchico connects you to small-town artisans making handmade clothing with local materials. We want to support small communities and create opportunities for economic growth in rural areas.

I am so excited to share with you and I hope you feel the spirit of Mexico in each item.

Con Amor,